How to maximise your educations savings - Tip sheet

As Australia's specialist education benefits provider the Australian Scholarships Group (ASG) offers parents a proven and proactive way to help nurture and fund the future costs of their children's education. ASG encourages parents to plan ahead and implement simple strategies to achieve their education savings goals. ASG has compiled a number of education savings tips—based on planning—that involve small family sacrifices, which can make a big difference to a child's future.

  1. Begin saving early in your child's life—kick off your savings plan with the Federal Government's baby bonus or other government support allowances.
  2. Investigate schooling options.
  3. Make your school choice.
  4. Determine your education savings goals.
  5. Contribute regular payments.
  6. Be disciplined.
  7. Increase your payments annually.
  8. Do your homework before selecting an education savings program.
  9. Limit accessibility to your education funds.
  10. Look for flexibility in your education program.
  11. Encourage grandparents and relatives to contribute.
  12. Explore the taxation advantages of your education savings.
  13. Support your children in their educational pursuits.
  14. Examine the security of your savings.
  15. Monitor your savings contributions regularly.

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